How to choose the right colored clothing for yourself

When it comes to womenswear in India, the term endless is an understatement. From the ever increasing options, designs and patterns to an infinite variety of colors, there are so many options to choose from. 
Whatever your signature style is, whatever your comfort factor is, it is impossible to not find something for yourself when it comes to clothing. 

We browse through so many different shopping websites, Applications and more every day yet we still find it difficult to decide what we should buy. Why is that so? The Answer to this question is personalization. 

Every woman, every girl is distinct in each and every manner. Every woman has a different body type, a unique personality, a contrasting taste of styles and that is why one should not purchase an item of clothing just because it looks good but the buying decision should be made according to what suits you and makes you look good. 

In this post, we are here to give you some tips to decide which color to wear according to your body type, complexion, style and how it can not only enhance your looks but make you look trendy at the same time! 

- Hide the extra Pounds with Darker Colors!
The Diwali season is over and most of us are struggling with the extra holiday weight that we've put on, thanks to the feasts and sweets. Don't let these extra pounds get in the way of your dressing sense. The best way to conceal the extra Kilos is to opt for wearing darker colors. This winter, ditch the brights and shop for some darker colored garments, preferably black and the darker shades of Blue, Red, and Green. Darker colors form an optical illusion and absorb light, hence they make the wearer look smaller in size. 

- Brights are for the Daytime!
It is a known fact that Brighter colors look the best during the daytime. This Winter season, the hottest bright shades in trend are Tangerine, Mustard, and Light Pink. You can choose to experiment and play around with these colors for your daytime dressing up needs. From a Frilly Maxi dress to a simple top, pair your ensemble with some nice footwear and you'll be good to go!

- The Signature Shade

White is a color which looks good on all complexions, sizes, shapes, and needs. Whether you're at work or out for an evening party, White is the color that suits a person irrespective of when they choose to wear it. At Rawza, you can shop among our large range of White and Pastel toned clothes, perfect for winter fashion. 

We hope these three color based clothing tips were helpful to you!
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