Sanganeri Block Prints: Rajasthan’s offering to the world’s design industry

There’s more to Rajasthan than its heritage forts, palaces and desert landscapes. If you’re someone who’s fascinated by the different aspects of Rajasthan, you must know that printed clothing tops the list of best things Rajasthan has to offer to the world.

What is so special about Printed clothing, you may wonder.

When it comes to prints, Rajasthan’s native styles and age-old techniques are like no other. Block Printing is an age old and world’s most renowned technique of prints that originated in Rajasthan hundreds of years ago.

Executed using natural dyes and distinctly shaped wooden blocks, this traditional technique of printing is known for it’s simplicity, minimalism and most importantly, colorfulness.

From floral patterns to symmetrical shapes, from quirky imprints to abstract designs, block printed clothes are not just comfortable to wear but they are really trendy and never go out of style.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to wear comfy pieces of clothing then block printed clothes are the first choice for you.

The Three varied styles of block prints that you’d love are:

- Pastels and Peaches

Light colors are trending this season, if you are a subtle dresser and love experimenting with beiges and pale shades, then you can definitely opt for pastel colored block printed clothes. Pair up a Salmon block printed top with your favorite jeans or keep it simple in a white Maxi dress, this look will definintely make you look classy.

- Bright Prints

The Festive Season is here to stay and bright colors are the signature characterstic of this Diwali Season. Opt for Reds and Yellows with our fresh variety of floral and abstract printed Kurtis, Dresses and Sets. Pair bright colored clothing with chunky pieces of jewelry and you’re good to go!

- Chic Work Wear

 Who said workwear has to be boring? If you’re a working woman who loves to stay stylish even when at work then we have got the perfect clothing options for you. Opt for symmetrical, striped, minimal or even colorful clothing with our exotic range of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, pants and shrugs.

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